Taping/Cording Embroidery Machine Suppliers

Zhejiang Shengming Electromechanic Manufacturing Co.. Ltd. Was established on 1998.Is a famous China Taping Machine Suppliers and cording Machine Factory Suppliers,it 'is a national key high - tech enterprise . professionally producing Taping/Cording Embroidery Machine .The compony has been always persisting in the management tenet of "innovate by use of science and technology, provide first-grade products and satisfied services" , it always concentrates on technology innovation. In recent years, the company has been praised os "notional key new high-tech enterprise". " china's well-known trademarks". "stotes without inspection products". "Zhejiang province's Business Credit AAA-level unit" etc. it is coming into a stable developing road, and becoming a pillar of national computerized embroidery machine industry.
Taping/Cording Embroidery Machine

Taping/Cording Embroidery Machine

Performances and configurations:
1. Our self-developed sequin device have been approved with several patents,Machine can reach 750 RPM high spend when it doing sequin embroider work.


Performances and configurations:
1. Our self-developed sequin device have been approved with several patents,Machine can reach 750 RPM high spend when it doing sequin embroider work.
2. With adoption of clutch device on M axis,easy for darning operation;unique noise decreasedesign,improving the work encironment.
3. Our self-developed presser foot can move up and down automatically,independent motor and precision mechanism matched perfectly,computer controlled presser foot make embroider work more convenient and efficient.
4. Zig embroidery adopted independent motor control system,with new mechanism drive chain,minimized drive error.
5. M axis drive system,Antomatic-moving presser foot and Zig embroidery device have been developed by ourselves.With adoption of noise decrease sytem,the head for special type embroidery running smoothly under a good work condition.it’s obviously improved the work environment.
6. The unique column guide rail frame driving system(have been approved with patent)created by Shengming,has superb level with the high rigid and precision frame driving system,whichmake the embroidery smooth and sheeny,and single head can cover embroidery area1200x1200,suit for big design embroidery.


Functions and features:
Coiling Embroidery:This type of embroidery take full advantage of coiling thread,core thread and embroidery thread,either change the thickness of coiling thread,or change the color of core thread,can making one design many different patterns.The fancywork give strong feeling of third dimension,rich and colorful. Improving the fancywork’s added value greatly.

Zig Embroidery:This function realized embroidery of thread with different size,shape,even thread with beads,by certain computer operation,also,you should choose the right feed meatus that suit for the thread.It’s easy for special thread embroider.  

Ribbon Embroidery:This embroidery technic show up a lifelike ribbon craftwork.Choosethe suitable feed meatus as well as relative parts when embroider for different size ribbon and rope.


Technology Aspects:
Our own created clutch,can easily control M axis work or stop by a slight dial,fetch up the fault that thread going mess under darning work.
You can change for Coiling embroidery,Ribbon embroidery,Zig embroidery arbitrarily,the embroidery technics is inriched.what you need to do is only simple assemble process,one time adjusting can realize continuous production,greatly improved work efficiency.
Adopt independent machine head and combined motor control system,our self-developed auto-moving presser foot,Zig embroider mechanism,(apply for patent),optimized the drive chain,decreased noise,realized coiling embroidery(including ribbon embroidery,rope embroidery,Zig embroidery),flat embroidery,and sequin embroidery in one machine,make embroidery work more florid and colorful.