Photoelectric protector

Photoelectric protector

Photoelectric protector

Zhejiang Shengming Electromechanic Manufacturing Co.. Ltd is a national key high - tech enterprise professionally producing Photoelectric protector ,The company is regarded os provincial High-tech research center by science and technology office of zhejiang province. Our dominant products GG/58 series computer embroidery machines have been approved with 19 patents.


The photoelectric protector is also named safety light curtain, safety grating and so on. By launching infrared, the photoelectric protector form infrared light curtain, and send out signal of intercepting when it is intercepted, to stop the potentially dangerous equipment of send out warning signal, in order to reduce the chance of injuring to operators in the work environment, and effectively protect the operators’ personal safety.


Main futures:

  • Perfect self-checking function

Ensure that the photoelectric protector don’t send the mistaken signal to the electro circuit which it controlled when it has faults

  • High capacity of resisting disturbance

For the electromagnetism signal, the strobe lamp light, the arc of welding and surrounding light sources, it has better immunity.

  • Durable life

The service life of relay is long ( more than 10 million times) , and the relay can be changed after be exhausted

  • Good anti-vibration and easy to use

The welding of components adopt to SMC technology, and have various anti-vibration measures.

  • Self-locking function
  • Structure simple, wiring convenient
  • Fast responseability

Response time <=2ms,enabled the system the greatest degree to avoid danger.