Treatment of old broken thread of embroidery machine


1. The tension of the bottom thread is too large, and t […]

1. The tension of the bottom thread is too large, and the processing method: Reasonably adjust the tension of the pressure plate and the shuttlecock evenly.
2. The needle is cut off quickly, and the handling method is to change the needle.
3. The thickness of the needle does not match the embroidery thread. Treatment method: Select the thickness of the needle according to the thickness of the embroidery thread.
4. Hook tip hair, treatment method: Polish the hook tip or change the hook
5. The upper thread is not lubricated. Treatment method: Apply silicone oil for lubrication.
6. The hair of the shuttle hinders the thread. Treatment method: sanding or polishing the hair
7. Hair of the thread take-up rod hole, treatment method: use sandpaper to lighten
8, three eyeliner hook hair, treatment method: use sanding
9. Hair of pinholes, treatment method: use sanding
10. The clamping plate and the clamping screw are hairy, and the treatment method is: use sandpaper to lighten
11, positioning hair, treatment method: sanding
12, the gap between the positioning hook and the hook frame is not reasonable, adjust the gap
13. The upper thread tensioner fails to clamp the thread, and removes the garbage in the tensioner.
14. The direction of the needle slot is not correct. Processing method: Adjust the direction of the needle slot to align the machine slot with the operator.