• Towel embroidery series

    Towel embroidery series

    Scope of application Towel embroidery/chain embroidery has broad development prospects in children's clothing, home decoration, women's shoes and hats, etc. due to its strong stereoscopic effect, rich layers and beautiful colors. Features 1, high-resolution color large-screen LCD display, dynamic digital trac... read more

    Nov 30, 2018News
  • Hybrid embroidery series

    Hybrid embroidery series

    That is, flat embroidery + gold embroidery + towel embroidery + simple winding embroidery Scope of application LJ four-in-one hybrid embroidery computer embroidery machine is a special embroidery machine with high cost performance. It integrates special embroidery such as ordinary flat embroidery, rope embroi... read more

    Dec 08, 2018News
  • Disassembly of embroidery machine

    Disassembly of embroidery machine

    1. The tension of the bottom line is too large =============== Reasonably adjust the tension between the crimping plate and the shuttle 2, the needle hole has a quick cut ============== Change the needle 3. The thickness of the needle and the embroidery thread are not matched. ========== Select the thickness ... read more

    Dec 14, 2018News
  • Embroidery machine maintenance precautions

    Embroidery machine maintenance precautions

    Clean the dust and debris in time for the embroidery machine, not only to ensure the beauty of the machine, but also to ensure the good working condition of the machine, so that the embroidery machine can achieve beautiful embroidery effect. (1) Hook line structure hook, bobbin case, bobbin brush cleaning, tr... read more

    Dec 29, 2018News
  • Embroidery machine maintenance parts

    Embroidery machine maintenance parts

    The maintenance of the embroidery machine is carried out by the embroidery worker. The ordinary embroidery machine parts are carefully inspected for 5 to 10 minutes, and the key embroidery machine parts are carefully inspected for 10 to 15 minutes. It is necessary to wipe all parts of the machine and add lubr... read more

    Jan 05, 2019News