• Cross stitch

    Cross stitch

    The earliest cross stitch was embroidered on the fabric of animal fur with silk extracted from silkworm cocoons, which was later used to decorate clothing and furniture. Cross-stitch is easy to embroider, its appearance is noble, elegant, elegant and unique. It quickly became popular in European courts and be... read more

    Sep 14, 2018News
  • The earliest embroidery

    The earliest embroidery

    The earliest hand-embroidered embroidery is two pieces of embroidery unearthed from the Tomb of Changsha in Hunan during the Warring States Period. Look at the needle method, completely embroidered with scorpion strands (ie, lock embroidery) on the silk and Luo, the stitches are neat, the color is elegant, th... read more

    Sep 08, 2018News
  • China's four famous embroidery

    China's four famous embroidery

    The four famous embroidered, refers to the embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery in China's embroidery. Embroidery, the ancient name of needle embroidery, is a technique of embroidering needles on textiles according to the design pattern, and embroidering the needles on the textiles. Embroidery is a ... read more

    Aug 31, 2018News
  • Computer embroidery machine maintenance basics (1)

    Computer embroidery machine maintenance basics (1)

    Cam synchronization meter When embroidery machine is repaired, it will inevitably encounter cam synchronous metering. How to correctly meter and determine the degree of hooking time is very important. The dial indicator is a highly accurate measuring tool. It can only measure relative values, not absolute val... read more

    Mar 06, 2020News
  • Computer embroidery machine maintenance basics

    Computer embroidery machine maintenance basics

    Maintenance of trimming parts The cutting angle of the embroidery machine is between 285o and 286o. Some can set the cutting angle and the length of the thread. A simple method of adjusting the thread trimming cam is introduced, which is the most commonly used method by the author when repairing the thread tr... read more

    Mar 14, 2020News