• Embroidery


    Embroidery, which is called needle embroidery in ancient times, is a process of embroidering needles on textiles with embroidery needles and embroidering needles on textiles to form patterns. In ancient times, it was called "黹" and "Acupuncture". Because embroidery is mostly done by women, it is an important ... read more

    Aug 03, 2018News
  • Embroidery material classification

    Embroidery material classification

    According to the material, embroidery can be divided into silk embroidery, feather embroidery and hair embroidery. The use of embroidery includes: life clothing, song and dance or drama costumes, tablecloths, pillowcases, cushions and other daily necessities and screens, wall hangings and other furnishings. T... read more

    Aug 10, 2018News
  • the oldest embroidery art

    the oldest embroidery art

    Aquatic horsetail embroidery: the oldest embroidery art In the long history, the ingenious aquarium women have created colorful folk crafts. The famous aquarium horsetail embroidery is unique. It is known as the living fossil of Chinese embroidery. It is a must in the world. It is a study of aqua folk customs... read more

    Aug 17, 2018News
  • Embroidery origin

    Embroidery origin

    The origin of embroidery is very early. The text of Qiang embroidery is found in Shangshu. At the time of the encounter, there was already embroidery. The Eastern Zhou Dynasty has set up a special department to perform its duties, and there is already court embroidery in the Han Dynasty. Wu Sunquan of the Thr... read more

    Aug 24, 2018News
  • China's four famous embroidery

    China's four famous embroidery

    The four famous embroidered, refers to the embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery in China's embroidery. Embroidery, the ancient name of needle embroidery, is a technique of embroidering needles on textiles according to the design pattern, and embroidering the needles on the textiles. Embroidery is a ... read more

    Aug 31, 2018News