• Flat embroidery series features

    Flat embroidery series features

    1. Complementary embroidery function: In the embroidery, due to the disconnection and other reasons, the embroidery will occur on the individual heads. At this time, the embroidery thread can be retracted. When the ordinary pattern is embroidered, the number of needles will be unrestricted. When the pattern i... read more

    Jul 05, 2019News
  • Introduction to computer embroidery machine

    Introduction to computer embroidery machine

    The embroidery machine, also known as the computer embroidery machine, is the most advanced embroidery machine in the modern era. It can realize the high speed and high efficiency of traditional hand embroidery, and it can also achieve the multi-level and multi-functionality that can not be achieved by hand e... read more

    Apr 19, 2019News
  • Towel embroidery series

    Towel embroidery series

    Scope of application Towel embroidery/chain embroidery has broad development prospects in children's clothing, home decoration, women's shoes and hats, etc. due to its strong stereoscopic effect, rich layers and beautiful colors. Features 1, high-resolution color large-screen LCD display, dynamic digital trac... read more

    Nov 30, 2018News
  • Main configuration of flat embroidery

    Main configuration of flat embroidery

    1. Dahao electronic control system, basic configuration BECS-322 three-phase (no trimming) / BECS-328 (automatic thread trimming machine), and optional BECS-C18/C88/216/266/316/ according to user requirements 366/ and other high-end computers; 2, spindle motor: according to user requirements can be equipped w... read more

    Nov 16, 2018News
  • Yue embroidery

    Yue embroidery

    Guangdong embroidery (Guangdongembroidery) is the general name of Guangzhou embroidery (Guangxiu) and Chaozhou embroidery (Chao embroidery), and is one of the four famous embroidery in China. Yue embroidery has a history of more than a thousand years. In the Tang Dynasty, Su Shi’s "Du Yang Miscellaneous" has ... read more

    Oct 19, 2018News