• Four famous embroidery

    Four famous embroidery

    The characteristics and artistic value of Chinese embroidery are directly reflected in the four famous embroidery. Su embroidery is famous for its fine stitches, light colors and fine embroidery. It has the characteristics of flat, light, uniform, uniform, fine, dense and so on. The theme is mainly small anim... read more

    Jul 06, 2018News
  • embroidery


    Embroidery is a general term for various decorative patterns that are stitched on fabrics. Embroidery silk embroidery and feathers [1] Embroidery. It is to use a needle to puncture the thread or other fibers and yarns on the embroidery with a certain pattern and color, and to form a decorative fabric with the... read more

    Jul 13, 2018News
  • Silk embroidery collection value

    Silk embroidery collection value

    The production of silk-dyed embroidery crafts has not only played a great role in Chinese society, but also played a great role and influence in international cultural life. In the Qin and Han Dynasties (221 BC ~ 220 AD), embroidery has developed to a higher level, and embroidery has become the main commodity... read more

    Jul 21, 2018News
  • Hand embroidery

    Hand embroidery

    The main artistic features of hand-embroidered are the beautiful pattern, the fresh and elegant color, the rich acupuncture, the elegant and elegant, and the delicate and exquisite embroidery. In terms of the needlework of embroidery, it is extremely rich and varied. There are a total of 43 types in 9 categor... read more

    Jul 27, 2018News
  • Embroidery


    Embroidery, which is called needle embroidery in ancient times, is a process of embroidering needles on textiles with embroidery needles and embroidering needles on textiles to form patterns. In ancient times, it was called "黹" and "Acupuncture". Because embroidery is mostly done by women, it is an important ... read more

    Aug 03, 2018News