• Daily maintenance of computerized embroidery machine

    Daily maintenance of computerized embroidery machine

    The daily maintenance of computerized embroidery machine includes the following aspects: First, careful cleaning and cleaning to ensure that the computer car parts are clean is the basis for ensuring the quality of assembly and extending the life of the computer car. Especially for shaft sleeves, bearings, oi... read more

    Dec 14, 2019News
  • Precautions for pattern making

    Precautions for pattern making

    1. Needle pitch must be consistent when making a pattern. When the stitch pitch is inconsistent, the chain stitch becomes unstable; the towel stitch height is also inconsistent, and the sewing effect is not ideal. 2. The setting of the stitch length varies according to the thickness of the suture used, the th... read more

    Dec 06, 2019News
  • Embroidery machine trimming color change part

    Embroidery machine trimming color change part

    At present, the color change system of the flat embroidery mainly adopts the AC motor to drive the color change action. When selecting the AC motor, the AC motor of different power and different torque should be selected according to the number of the whole machine and the number of needles of the needle bar ... read more

    Nov 15, 2019News
  • Hybrid embroidery (2)

    Hybrid embroidery (2)

    8. Automatic conversion embroidery mode function: It can switch the setting of towel embroidery and chain embroidery with the operation panel, and can also perform automatic and manual selection (up to 99 times). 9. Automatic needle height adjustment function: According to the pattern and fabric thickness, th... read more

    Aug 05, 2019News
  • Gold piece embroidery features

    Gold piece embroidery features

    The Jinzi embroidery series computer embroidery machine has the following features in addition to the functions of the ordinary flat embroidery machine: 1. The gold piece device has a single gold piece, double gold piece, stacked gold piece, four gold piece and other various devices to choose from. 2. You can... read more

    Jul 13, 2019News