• A simple comparison of the three spindle drive methods.

    A simple comparison of the three spindle drive methods.

    From the perspective of development trend, the slip motor method has been gradually replaced by other driving methods because of its low efficiency, high noise and low precision. However, due to its low cost, it is still used in some low-end markets; In the middle of the comparison, servo motors have always b... read more

    Oct 24, 2019News
  • Frame drive

    Frame drive

    At present, the frame drive can be a stepper motor or a servo motor. At present, stepper motors are mainly used on the market, which basically meet the accuracy requirements. However, from the perspective of further improving the precision of driving the frame and the quality of the embroidery, the author thi... read more

    Nov 01, 2019News
  • Embroidery machine trimming section

    Embroidery machine trimming section

    The thread cutting action of the embroidery machine is actually composed of three actions of buckle line, thread trimming and hook line. At present, AC motor centralized driving or electromagnet split driving can be used in the trimming, hook line and buckle line mode. At present, the mainstream configuration... read more

    Nov 09, 2019News
  • Embroidery machine trimming color change part

    Embroidery machine trimming color change part

    At present, the color change system of the flat embroidery mainly adopts the AC motor to drive the color change action. When selecting the AC motor, the AC motor of different power and different torque should be selected according to the number of the whole machine and the number of needles of the needle bar ... read more

    Nov 15, 2019News