Sewing machinery industry indicators


According to the China sewing machinery association sta […]

According to the China sewing machinery association statistics, the total industrial output value of 103 enterprises in China's sewing machinery industry reaches to 8.119 billion yuan from January to July this year, which up 2.19% year on year. The sales revenue of the products is 90.24 billion yuan, down by 2.25% year on year. Profit is 528 million yuan, up 16.48% year on year. Compared with last year's decline in production and sales, the output value, the export data in January and July has recovered slightly. Innovation and upgrading has accelerated and the efficiency index has increased.

103 manufacturers of all kinds of sewing machines produced 2.7171 million sets sewing machines, down 14.46% from the same period last year from January to July. Among them, 72.72 million sets household sewing machines were produced, down 20.07% year-on-year. 1.8812 million sets industry sewing machines were produced, down 12.37% year-on-year. 10.87 million sets front-seam and after-seam equipment were produced, down by 8.55% year on year.

In the meanwhile, the total number of sewing machine products sold by 103 enterprises was 2.8444 million sets, and the sales volume was down 13.74% year-on-year. Because the sales volume is greater than the production, the inventory digestion speed is increased, and the total inventory of 103 enterprises is 658 thousand and one hundred sets, down 12.14% year-on-year.

According to the statistics of the general administration of customs, China exported $1.3 billion of all kinds of sewing machinery products from January to July, up 1.78% year-on-year. Among them, the export of household sewing machines was 435.41 million sets, down 2.09 year on year. Exports value were $153 million, down 14.17% from a year earlier. Exports of industrial sewing machines totaled 1.9571 million sets, up 6.44% year on year. Exports reached 573 million yuan, up 3.73% year on year. The export embroidery machine was 2.81 million sets, down 35.68% year on year. Exports value reached 225 million yuan, up to 3.63 percent year-on-year. The export of post-seam equipment reaches to 463,500 sets, up to 15.11%; Exports value amounted to $147 million, up 15.47% year on year. Sewing machine parts were exported to 35.08 million kg, up to 2.30% year-on-year; Exports value amounted to $200 million, down to 0.11% year-on-year.