Hybrid embroidery features


1. High-resolution color large-screen LCD display, dyna […]

1. High-resolution color large-screen LCD display, dynamic digital tracking display pattern.
2, can read and write Tajima, BEHRINGER, ZSK, binary, ternary multiple format files, storage capacity up to 1 million needles, 99 patterns.
3, with the pattern of rotation, zoom, edit, repeated embroidery function; stitch compensation function and complementary embroidery function.
4. It has power-off protection and power-off recovery function and disconnection detection function.
5, specific automatic color change, presser foot lift and automatic thread trimming function (optional).
6. Feedback control function: By adopting the feedback control function, the action of the needle and the rotary hook can be more accurately controlled, and a more stable embroidery effect can be obtained.
7. Automatic standby function: When the pattern embroidery is completed, the needle and the presser foot automatically rise to 27mm, which is convenient for frame changing.