Hybrid embroidery (2)


8. Automatic conversion embroidery mode function: It ca […]

8. Automatic conversion embroidery mode function: It can switch the setting of towel embroidery and chain embroidery with the operation panel, and can also perform automatic and manual selection (up to 99 times).
9. Automatic needle height adjustment function: According to the pattern and fabric thickness, the needle height (10 steps) can be adjusted automatically or manually to obtain the most suitable embroidery tension and the best embroidery effect.
10. High-speed and low-noise design: It realizes the high-speed operation of the chain head 600rpm and the embroidery head 850rpm. During the embroidery process, the embroidery speed is automatically controlled according to the characteristics of the stitching. At the same time, the main parts of the main machine are respectively equipped with servo motor and cutting-edge electronic technology. , to achieve low noise operation.
11. Flat pin compensation: The stitch length of the flat wire can be increased or decreased as needed.
12, septum selection function: can automatically convert the chain head and flat embroidery head, so that the original time-consuming compact hybrid embroidery is simplified.
13. Simple winding embroidery (optional) Compared with the traditional tape embroidery, the simple winding embroidery has a simple structure, and simplifies and synthesizes the traditional tape embroidery action. It is more suitable for the rope with the pipe and the belt with the bead. embroidery.
14. It has higher automation and convenient operation. Each mechanism has a button switch, which can adjust the head independently. It has higher automation, and can realize the functions of single embroidery, embroidering or manual operation of the individual needle positions, such as rope embroidery and sequin embroidery. Convenient control and easy operation.