How to identify manual random needle embroidery and computer embroidery


Random stitch and computer embroidery have some things […]

Random stitch and computer embroidery have some things in common: they are full-work embroidery, that is, the embroidery completely covers the base fabric, leaving no gaps; the stitches are messy, there is no rule in the near view, the color is rich in the distance, and the outline is clear . Therefore, there are many unscrupulous merchants who use computer embroidery to pretend to be handmade messy needle embroidery.
First, distinguish from the embroidery thread. Computer embroidery uses embroidery thread of chemical fiber material. The embroidery thread itself is woven and looks like a strand of braid. Silk embroidery is used for random stitch embroidery. Silk embroidery thread is composed of parallel silk fibers without weaving.
Second, distinguish from stitches. The stitches of computer embroidery are mechanical, and they appear rigid and stiff. The stitches of the random needle embroidery are designed, and the accumulated color blocks can flow, with a sense of flowing, diffuse, and hazy beauty.
Again, distinguish from the color hierarchy. The computer can divide the picture into ten layers, one color for each layer, and then make layer by layer. Even so, the level of computer embroidery colors is very limited. And random stitch embroidery can use hundreds of colors of embroidery thread, the color level is very rich, the transition is extremely natural.