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Embroidery thread
Polyester Yarn
The characteristics of polyester yarn are resistant to chemical substances and frequent washing, which reduces the discoloration and discoloration of clothes. Therefore, hotel uniforms, stone blue jeans, sportswear or children's clothing are made of polyester yarn.
Relatively speaking, polyester yarn is tougher than rayon. When embroidering, the machine runs at high speed, and the polyester yarn with high toughness can withstand a large pulling force; and its fire resistance is extremely high, even if the clothes are close to the flame, it is not easy to touch the fire.
The quality of polyester yarn is not more stable than rayon, but it is more elastic. You can cut a rayon thread for testing, pull it hard, then relax. You find that the embroidery thread does not shrink. On the contrary, once pulled, the polyester yarn will return to its original length and thus have the opportunity to cause wrinkles. Therefore, in terms of online tension adjustment, it needs to be more accurate.