Gold piece embroidery series


Main configuration 1. Dahao electronic control system, […]

Main configuration
1. Dahao electronic control system, basic configuration BECS-328, and can be equipped with various high-grade computers such as BECS-C18/C88/216/266/316/366 according to user requirements;
2, spindle motor: according to user requirements can be equipped with servo drive (Panasonic, Dahao), variable frequency drive, etc.;
3, embroidery frame drive: full servo drive or stepper drive for selection;
4, the original Japanese import rotary hook, the original Italian McGaudi belt;
5. New linear drive guides;
6, automatic thread trimming device (optional).
7, gold piece device: single gold piece, double gold piece, stacked gold piece, four gold piece and other models to choose from
8, can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements of various specifications:
Number of stitches: 4/6/9/12/15 stitches; number of heads: 1~50 heads; embroidery range: X direction: 150-1100mm, Y direction: 300-1500mm