Frame drive


At present, the frame drive can be a stepper motor or a […]

At present, the frame drive can be a stepper motor or a servo motor. At present, stepper motors are mainly used on the market, which basically meet the accuracy requirements. However, from the perspective of further improving the precision of driving the frame and the quality of the embroidery, the author thinks that the servo motor is more competitive. Secondly, when customers choose the frame drive motor, they also pay more attention to the cost problem. With the development of technology, the servo device is no longer a luxury item that has been shelved, and according to current market research, the servo motor is gradually improving on the market. Installed capacity.
When selecting the motor, select the matching stepper motor according to the weight and inertia of the frame. For the choice of stepper drive, the three-phase stepper drive has gradually replaced the five-phase stepper drive by virtue of its smooth operation, low noise, large torque and high precision when driving the motor. At present, Dahao's three-phase subdivision MS-21 driver is mainly used in the domestic market. Dahao Company will launch a 2-in-1 MD-02 driver in the future, which will further improve the performance of the whole machine.