Five maintenance methods for common embroidery fabrics in summer (2)


Cotton and linen Hand-woven homespun fabrics and linen […]

Cotton and linen
Hand-woven homespun fabrics and linen cloth garments made of pure cotton fabrics have always been considered difficult to be elegant. But with the emergence of the trend of returning to innocence, a variety of linen-based clothing has gradually been favored by more and more fashion people.
fabric features:
1. It is breathable, has a unique cool feeling, does not stick to the body when sweating;
2. Rough hand feel, easy to wrinkle, poor drape.
cleaning method:
1. The temperature of the water should not be too high and should be controlled between 35 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius;
2. It can be washed with a washing machine, but cold water must be used;
3. Choose neutral detergent or professional cotton and linen detergent for washing;
4. Be sure not to come into contact with acidic substances. Flax is a plant fiber, which is very sensitive to acid. Acid is extremely destructive to plant fiber, and it is easy to burn clothes.
5. Ironing can be done when the clothes are aired to 70% to 80% dry. If the clothes are dry, you must spray water before ironing. After 30 minutes, wait for the water droplets to spread before ironing; the folds should not be pressed and ironed. , So as not to become brittle.
1. The temperature during ironing should be controlled between 200-230 degrees Celsius, and the effect of ironing when it is half dry is the most ideal;
2. It is best to store in a cool, dry and ventilated place;
3. It is best to use pure linen, pure cotton or acid-free paper bags for storage.
4. The texture of hemp is hard and easy to wrinkle. Just hang them in the closet and let the clothes hang naturally.
Silk is a natural fiber fabric with light texture, soft and smooth, and strong air permeability. It is comfortable and cool to wear, elegant and elegant, and is an ideal summer clothing fabric.
fabric features:
1. It is rich in luster, has a unique "singing feeling", feels smooth, comfortable to wear, elegant and luxurious;
2. Higher strength than wool, but poor wrinkle resistance;
3. It is heat-resistant than cotton and wool, but has poor light resistance.
cleaning method:
1. Avoid alkaline detergent, use neutral or special silk detergent, wash gently, avoid twisting, avoid hard board brushing;
2. Wash in cold or warm water, not for long time soaking;
3. It should be dry in the shade, avoid the sun, and should not be dried;
4. Wash separately from other clothes, and dark silk fabrics should be rinsed with water to avoid fading;
5. Some silk fabrics should be dry cleaned.
1. Avoid exposure to the sun, so as not to reduce the fastness and cause fading and yellowing, and color deterioration;
2. Avoid contact with rough or acid and alkali substances;
3. It should be washed, ironed and dried before storage, preferably stacked and wrapped in cloth;
4. Mothballs should not be placed, otherwise the white clothes will turn yellow.