Embroidery technology commonly used in computer embroidery


11. Wrinkle embroidery Wrinkle embroidery can be produc […]

11. Wrinkle embroidery
Wrinkle embroidery can be produced on an ordinary flat embroidery machine, but it needs to be matched with a shrinkable backing and a water-soluble bottom thread. After the embroidery is completed, the shrinking backing is used to shrink the fabric to cause the fabric to wrinkle. The fabric is separated, but it should be noted that the effect of the fabric is to use chemical fiber thin materials.
12. Finished cap embroidery
The finished cap embroidery can only be produced with the cap frame on the cylindrical machine. It is an embroidery method in which the cap is made into the finished product and then embroidered on the machine.
13. Garment embroidery
Garment embroidery needs to be produced on a cylindrical machine with a garment frame. It is an embroidery method in which the finished garment is then embroidered on the machine.
14. Stocking embroidery
Hosiery embroidery can be produced on ordinary flat embroidery machines, but it must be embroidered with the hosiery frame.
15. Chain embroidery + towel embroidery
Towel embroidery
The embroidery method, which is very popular in European and American clothing, has the effect of sticking a piece of terry cloth, with soft touch and various colors. When embroidering, through the special towel head, the ordinary embroidery thread is hooked up from the bottom of the machine, and one loop after another is wound to bring out the towel effect.
16. Spar embroidery
With automated machines, Swarovski rhinestones and spars of various colors are ordered to give creativity a more luxurious and fashionable melody. Need to install embroidery machine. Crystal embroidery device.
17. Gem embroidery
Gem Embroidery uses flat gold thread embroidery and three-dimensional embroidery to develop a new technology that has more changes than imitation stone stickers. Note: Special materials are required.
18. High-speed rope embroidery and towel embroidery
Ordinary flat embroidery machines can be equipped with high-speed cording and towel-like embroidery devices to make such high-value-added cording or towel-like embroidery products.
Cording embroidery makes the lines clearer and more prominent, yet soft, and increases the fullness and solidity of the embroidery patterns. It is very popular among designers. It is commonly used in clothing embroidery, luggage embroidery, and household goods embroidery.
Imitation towel embroidery is similar to the towel embroidery effect of special machines. Relatively speaking, it has a stronger fluffy feeling, soft and warm, and is more used for children's clothing embroidery, toy embroidery, winter clothes embroidery, etc.