Embroidery lace technology and its application


Compared with traditional embroidery lace, modern embro […]

Compared with traditional embroidery lace, modern embroidery lace is more fashionable. Whether it is cotton embroidery, nylon embroidery, sequin embroidery, lace embroidery, etc., all are transformed from traditional embroidery lace, and are constantly promoted by historical civilization. The reform and innovation fit the sense of the times.
Among them, nylon embroidery, lace embroidery and sequin lace are the main ones. The most important change in nylon embroidery is the woven material of embroidery lace. On the whole, nylon embroidery is also the closest to traditional embroidery. The material used is mainly nylon silk, which is clear and transparent, like yarn. The surface of the embroidery process is shiny. And the pattern is relatively uniform and smooth, and it is mostly used for clothing and hat decoration.
However, lace has different specifications and grades according to different materials. It gives people a softer and noble overall feeling. There are many colors of lace, which are usually used as decorations on skirts and cuffs, depending on the popularity of different times. , Pink lace, black lace, etc. have all received everyone's favor, showing strong personal characteristics.
And as a new era of embroidery lace, sequin embroidery has a greater degree of three-dimensionality than traditional embroidery lace. Its popular history is very long. We can almost see the existence of sequin lace at the fashion conferences of major famous brands. The majestic and luxurious appearance reveals fashionable beauty. In modern craftsmanship, sequined lace is mostly applied to clothing decoration, luggage decoration, etc., and the shining embroidered lace shows the noble temperament.