Cross stitch


The earliest cross stitch was embroidered on the fabric […]

The earliest cross stitch was embroidered on the fabric of animal fur with silk extracted from silkworm cocoons, which was later used to decorate clothing and furniture. Cross-stitch is easy to embroider, its appearance is noble, elegant, elegant and unique. It quickly became popular in European courts and became the first choice for royal aristocrats. Widely popular in Europe and the United States and Asia and other countries and regions.
After several hundred years of development, the basic materials of cross-stitch are pure cotton embroidery thread, special crafted mesh fabric and design artwork. The embroidery threads of various colors have been numbered, and each pattern has been The designer made a special treatment, and each design artwork was made according to the line number. Even a very complicated pattern can be completed by selecting the appropriate line for embroidery according to the position of the design artwork.
Because it is an easy-to-learn craftsmanship hobby, it is also an artistic innovation, so it is very popular and is loved by people of different ages.


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