Computer embroidery machine repair and maintenance (1)


Any brand of computer embroidery machine will have more […]

Any brand of computer embroidery machine will have more or less problems. Sometimes it ’s just a small problem that can be solved by yourself. This greatly reduces the waiting time for maintenance personnel to visit the house and saves costs. Our company provides some solutions for some daily failures of the product.
1. Random alarm situation: The locomotive lights up when the locomotive is on the 1, 2 needles.
Solution: Check whether the wires of the machine head are short-circuited. Replace the machine head plate. Check whether the photosensitive plate is short-circuited.
2. Long heads do not cut the thread, individual head dead points are disordered, and the disconnection rate is high
Solution: Adjust the upper and lower dead points of the head with a disordered dead point. Dead point disorderly adjust the trimming time. Check whether the line is too tight without cutting the thread. High disconnection rate
3. The situation where the thread is cut and the bottom line is cut. Solution: Replace the motherboard.
4. The thread cutter is stuck, the position is abnormal, and there is an abnormal noise.
Solution: Replace the thread-cutting turbine. Contact Dahao Electric Control to check the reason for the position. Check the thread-cutting chain to see if the pressure roller is stuck.
5. When the car is disconnected, all the lights on the machine are red.
Solution: Check the motherboard for problems. Check the potentiometer. If necessary, consider replacing the red light.
6. Insufficient parking Solution: Check whether the iron cam is stuck. If necessary, replace the iron cam and try the machine again.
7. The situation where the needle does not move and the needle does not move.
Solution: Check if the vinyl is damaged. Check whether the upper and lower dead points are normal. You can consider replacing the electromagnet before trying the machine.
8. Car flower thickness is different. THK bearing problem
Solution: Adjust the timing and belt tension. Inspect the frame bearings for damage. Replace them if available.
9. When doing the goods, the needle thickness varies
Solution: Replace some Y drives, THK bearings, re-height the belt tension, and try the machine again after the frame is synchronized
10 The head is loose and the spindle motor has timed out.
Solution: Check whether the machine head is loose in parallel. Debug the machine head in parallel.
11 Color change is not in place The machine head is on. Solution: replace the decoding version.
12. Nose of the bead does not move.
Solution: Check if the bead signal cable needs to be replaced. Check if the double bead air pressure is normal.
13. The car is less than 100 degrees. Special embroidery does not respond.
Solution: Check if the needle bar is deformed. Replace it with a test. Check if the power cord is reversed.
14. Line timeout Solution: try after replacing the power board