Common sense of daily maintenance of embroidery machine


In daily work, embroidery machines will inevitably have […]

In daily work, embroidery machines will inevitably have problems of this kind, leading to the damage of embroidery machine accessories, but most of them are caused by operation or lack of experience. Now we have sorted out some common problems in the operation of embroidery machines for assistance. reference:
   (1) When all the pins are in the high position, the dial cannot be turned by hand;
   (2) When the pin is in the high position, it cannot be jog, otherwise it is easy to get stuck
   (3) Make preparations before driving the lever, wear the bottom thread, choose the pattern to be embroidered, choose the working method that matches the pattern and the appropriate embroidery parameters;
   (4) Before driving the lever, check whether all the pins are put down. If not, put all the pins down manually, and then pull the lever to drive, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the machine or leaks;
   (5) When embroidering sequins, the switch of the sequin device should be set to the upper position, otherwise the sequin device will not automatically rise and fall;
   (6) The air pressure of the sequin device should be appropriate, too small to be unable to lift automatically, and too large to break the sequin device. After adjusting the air pressure, do not adjust it casually;
   (7) Every time a new three-in-one combination pattern is made, the frame check should be done after setting the embroidering point, so as not to cross the frame when the left and right machine heads are switched, and damage the sequin device or machine head;
        (8) When taping embroidery and zigzag embroidery mending, you should first loosen the upper thread on all the machine heads and the taping (or zigzag core thread) on the reels, and at the same time raise all the pins to the high position. Put the manipulator to the non-working state, and then reverse the car, otherwise the fabric may tear. After finishing the mending and embroidering, first arrange the tapes (or serrated core wires) on all the reels, put down the pins, install the manipulator to the working position, and then pull the rod to drive;
  (9) When embroidering a piece of embroidery, after pressing the piece of embroidery function key, you should loosen all the cloth clamps before moving the embroidery frame, otherwise the fabric will be easily torn. After changing the frame, first clamp the fabric in the front, press the jog button to let the needles and pins leave the fabric, and then clamp the fabric clamp at the back, so that the fabric clamped is relatively flat;
      (10) After each pattern is embroidered, all the cloth clips must be placed on the two corners of the front of the table when removing the cloth clips, not on the wire rack or behind the table, so as to prevent the cloth from being clipped on the fabric Or fall into the gap of the platen connecting plate, causing damage to the cloth surface or the machine.