Common fault handling on embroidery machine (3)


No detection after disconnection 1. First check if the […]

No detection after disconnection
1. First check if the wire break detection is set in the computer parameters.
2. The wire break detection is set in the computer parameters, but all heads are still not detected after the wire breaks.
Check the indicator lights on the main board, and check D29 and D30 for 91 models. 95 models check D16, D18. 07 models check L35, L36. 08 models check XJIA, DXQD. Check XIJA, DXQD for 18/28 models. D29, D16, L35, XIJA should flash when the machine is running normally, D30, D18, L36 should be on constantly, DXQD light should flash.
When the above indicator status is wrong, the motherboard has a problem and needs to be replaced.
3. When the above indicator status is correct, check the CZ018 for 91/95 models. 07 models check A8, 08 models check CZ0812. 18/28 models check CZ5812 socket, to the last head of the machine to the disconnection detection board socket, three-position disconnection detection board is CZ1, two-position disconnection detection board It is CZ011, whether the corresponding connection is connected, if not, it proves that the signal is not transmitted to the disconnection detection board, and it needs to be repaired to connect it.
One head is not detected, other heads are normal
1. There is a problem with the wire breakage detection board on this head, which needs to be replaced.
2. The three-position disconnection detection board checks the CZ1 signal socket, and the two-position disconnection detection board checks whether the CZ011 signal socket is plugged in.
False alarm (After the machine runs a few times, all the indicators on the disconnection detection board are on)
The broken wire decoding board is damaged, and several broken wire decoding board models are: DXYMB, EF104, EF119.
After a head is disconnected, all the indicators of the disconnection detection board are on
1. Check if the 12V voltage is normal (12V lower than 10V will cause this phenomenon, you need to replace the power supply)
2. The damage of the broken wire detection board on a certain machine head will cause this phenomenon. The processing method can be to remove the signal wires on the broken wire detection board one by one until the damaged board is found and replaced.
3. Check according to the method of 1.3 whether there is a short circuit between the signal lines.
After one head is broken, the embroidery will be repaired, and the indicators of the other head broken detection boards will all be on.
1. Check the D36 of the 91 model, D37 of the 95 model, L37 of the 07 model, and the FSW indicator of the 08/18/28 model. When the machine is in the embroidering state, these indicators should be on. Problem, need to be replaced.
2. Check the signal cable for bad contact and disconnection according to 1.3.