Buy an embroidery machine, do you really think about it (5)


Precision        Now, everything says that work is good […]

       Now, everything says that work is good, embroidery pays attention to the precision of the pattern, the embroidery machine master often swears for the precision required by the customer, the boss orders the photo, the customer wants to pick up the goods, and at the same time, the quality is good, the machine still does not know whether it can be done. Well done. If the master has a good machine on hand, it is easy to get off work. Of course, the efficiency of going to work is even higher, and it will not be urged to turn around. A good embroidery machine, precision is an important indicator of its evaluation. When purchasing a machine, be sure to ask the manufacturer to test the precision of the pattern on the spot. The precision of the famous embroidery machine can reach 0.1mm, the Chinese 6th font, and the English 2mm is still clearly visible.