Buy an embroidery machine, do you really think about it (1)


        The embroidery factory master has been working […]

        The embroidery factory master has been working on the front line for several years, and he has certain insights on the selection of the machine. When selecting the embroidery machine, he will always pay attention to the following aspects of performance: wire break rate, broken needle rate, wire cutting rate, precision , the degree of shrinkage of the pattern, the treading of the rice road, the luster of the pattern and the stable work efficiency.
Broken rate, broken needle rate.
        This involves the entire system structure of the machine, often not a problem of a certain component. When the average breaking rate of the embroidery is high, it is impossible for the technician to adjust a certain part to alleviate the temporary disconnection and broken needle problem. Solved fundamentally. Therefore, the embroidery machine master hates this situation. It is often the case that this kind of machine breaks the machine for bad machines, affecting emotions and affecting work efficiency.
       At present, the domestic embroidery machine has basically solved this problem in the ordinary embroidery of the car after years of development. Only when the car arrives at an ultra-thin material that cannot be padded or a super-thick cap, a three-dimensional embroidery, etc., there will be a needle tip, a yarn, a draw, a serious shrinkage, a wrinkle, a serious broken needle in a three-dimensional embroidery, etc. phenomenon. Therefore, the purchase of embroidery machines must look at its adaptability. If it is a good embroidery machine, it will be done well regardless of the order.