28 kinds of computer embroidery, the most complete embroidery technology


Embroidery is also called embroidery. With the advancem […]

Embroidery is also called embroidery. With the advancement and development of science and technology, embroidery is divided into two categories for us. The first category is hand embroidery (traditional embroidery), mainly including Su embroidery, Yue embroidery, Hunan embroidery, and Shu embroidery, which are called "four "Da Ming Embroidery" is representative. The second category is machine embroidery (modern technology embroidery), which mainly uses embroidery machines for embroidery. From a literal look, I think everyone should understand that embroidery machines, embroidery machines, or embroidery machines.
First we start to understand from the embroidery machine:
Embroidery machine-Embroidery machine is the product of modern scientific and technological progress. It can replace most artificial embroidery. It has the advantages of stable quality, high efficiency, low cost, and mass production.
The main functions and performance of the embroidery machine are determined by: the number of heads, the head distance, the number of stitches, the maximum stroke of the embroidery frame in the X and Y directions, the electronic control system, and the manufacturer's brand. The number of heads is the number of heads working at the same time during embroidery, which determines the efficiency of the embroidery machine; the head distance is the distance between two adjacent heads, which determines the size and cost of a single embroidery or cycle embroidered by the embroidery machine ; The number of needles is the number of single needles installed in each head of the embroidery machine. It determines the maximum number of color changes and the color of the embroidery when the embroidery machine embroiders. The maximum stroke of the embroidery frame in the X and Y directions determines the embroidery machine. The size of the embroidered embroidery;
Embroidery technology commonly used in computer embroidery
1. Flat embroidery
Flat embroidery is the most widely used embroidery in embroidery. Flat embroidery can be done as long as it is a material that can be embroidered.
2. Three-dimensional embroidery
Three-dimensional embroidery (3D) is a three-dimensional pattern formed by wrapping EVA rubber inside with embroidery thread. It can be produced by ordinary flat embroidery. (EVA glue has different thickness, hardness and color).
3. Hollow three-dimensional embroidery
Hollow three-dimensional embroidery can be produced using ordinary flat embroidery. It uses foam rubber similar to three-dimensional embroidery to embroider. After the embroidery is completed, the foam rubber is washed away with a dry cleaning machine to form a hollow center. (Styrofoam has a smooth surface, usually 1~5mm thick)
4. Appliqué
Applique embroidery is the use of appliqués instead of stitches to save embroidery threads to make the patterns more vivid, and can be produced by ordinary flat embroidery machines.
5. Thick thread embroidery
Thick thread embroidery is to use thicker (such as 603) sewing thread as embroidery thread, with large hole needle or large needle, thick thread hook and 3mm needle plate to complete embroidery, ordinary flat embroidery machine can be produced.
6. Hole-cutting embroidery
Hole-cutting embroidery can be produced on ordinary flat embroidery machines, but the hole-cutting embroidery device must be installed (currently it can only be installed on the first needle bar). It uses a hole-carving knife to carve through the fabric, and then wraps it with embroidery thread to form a hole in the middle.
7. Flat gold thread embroidery
Flat gold thread can be used for production on ordinary flat embroidery machines. Since flat gold thread is flat embroidery thread, a flat gold thread device (which can be installed on any needle bar) is required.
8. Sequin embroidery
The beads of the same shape and size are designated to be connected into a rope-like material, and then embroidered on the flat embroidery machine that has been equipped with the bead embroidery device.
Note: Need to be equipped with sequin embroidery device
The sequin embroidery device can be installed on the first stitch or the last stitch of the specified machine head, and then perform novel sequin embroidery. Can install 2MM to 12MM bead specifications.
9. Flocking embroidery
Flocking embroidery can be produced on an ordinary flat embroidery machine, but a flocking needle is required. The principle of embroidery is to use the hook on the flocking needle to hook up the fiber fleece on the flannel and plant it on another fabric.
10. Toothbrush embroidery
Toothbrush embroidery is also called vertical thread embroidery. It can be produced on ordinary flat embroidery machines. The method of embroidery is the same as that of three-dimensional embroidery, but after embroidery, a part of the film needs to be cut off and then all the film is taken away.